Common Commercial Real Estate Contract Contingencies

Like residential real estate contracts, commercial property contracts have their share of eventualities. In summary, contingencies are seen in most real estate contracts and are essentially escape clauses for both the seller and also the buyer.

Each party needs to be sure they are protected in the real estate contract, so real estate eventualities are a common occurrence. They often make the contract much easier to handle for both the seller and also the buyer, as it provides them with the opportunity to back out of the contract for a number of reasons.

Although both residential and commercial real estate contracts both have eventualities, the eventualities themselves are different. The following list details some of the common contingencies found in Dallas commercial real estate contracts:

When purchasing a parcel of land for commercial property, the contract may be subject to the approval of the buyer’s lawyer. When purchasing commercial real estate is quite common because Dallas commercial real estate contracts could be more in depth than residential property contracts, waiting on the approval of your attorney. As it is important to get acceptance from everyone involved before the contract is finalized it is also common to really have a contingency that is predicated on a company professional’s partner or investor.

Many commercial property contracts comprise eventualities that are predicated on funding acceptance for the purchaser. If one has not already been done for tracts of land, this eventuality may include approval of a legal survey. Additionally, a buyer will likely want to include in the purchase agreement about obtaining necessary permits and zoning for the commercial property, some language.

In particular, the purchase of the property will likely be contingent on no environmental cleanup liens.

In other words, the purchaser can’t be used and will likely comprise a number of contingencies based on using the commercial property and the way it can.